About us

Oldrich Asenbryl Oldrich AsenbryI was born in Ceske Budejovice in Czechoslovakia in 1943. and trained as a potter in the Bechyne College of Ceramics.

He moved to Great Britain in 1968 and worked for two years in the Aldermaston Pottery under Alan Caiger Smith. In 1970 he established his first studio in Tisbury Wilts where he made oxidised stoneware.

In 1973 he moved to Sarn in North Wales to set up his present studio for high fired stoneware ceramics. His work is made largely on the potters wheel and hand extruder which his wife Jenny also uses for her slab built vessels.

The Showroom is open every day between 9am and 5 pm. The 16th century stable, wonderful music and eccentric humour of the potter all provide a” truly theatrical setting “ in which to view his work. Collectors and customers come from every continent to visit the pottery. Wherever civilization reigns you will find people eating off Sarn pottery plates and Sarn ceramics have been exhibited and collected all over the world.

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